A New Story

By Rachel Monique Maskell

A New Story

We are in a time of new beginnings.  

A time when what was

and what made sense

is no longer.

A time when life is moving so fast

it’s hard to get footing.  

The time as Charles Eisenstein would say,

“in between stories”.

And if this is a time that we are in

then I invite you to join me

in envisioning a new story.

A story in which we no longer need

hierarchy to control us

we no longer need

gender roles to mold us.

Instead we are governed by our

own internal compass.

We use our intuition -

the voice that speaks our truth

gently nudging us towards our highest potential,

our life‘s purpose.

In this moment to moment guidance

we harmonize.

Each individual connecting and dancing

with each other.

Moving in and out

not because of prejudice or fear

but because the energy wasn't there.

But to get to this place,

this new story,

we must tune in and connect.

We must listen, feel, see and know our Self

So we practice and we play,

we call in the divine to help guide our way.

Then we can remember

and write a new story together.

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May Story Circle Invite

By Rachel Monique Maskell

May Story Circle Invite

Print the latest invite for Story Circle. 

“Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.”
-Robert Heinlein

Yes. This month it’s motherhood. Everyone has a mama story, whether you are one or not. We can laugh together, commiserate together, understand one another through our mothers. May 16, 7-9. RSVP and details at

May Story Circle Invite

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April Story Circle Invite

By Rachel Monique Maskell

April Story Circle Invite

Each month I design and mail out 100 invites to Story Circle. They’re made with a picture of street art I’ve taken and a quote that relates to the theme of the month. 

This month’s theme is Money and I’m calling in abundance.

So I thought I would spread the love and have the invites available to download for those who don’t live in LA or aren’t on my snail mail list.

Click on the image below to download and print. Recommended size: 4.5x6. 


April Story Circle invite

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Worlds Away on Yo! Venice

By Rachel Monique Maskell

Worlds Away on Yo! Venice

Feeling proud and excited to have my work published in Yo! Venice.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teen and taking street art pictures for a long time. Having them all come together like this feels so good and right! 

If you’re a local Venice resident be sure to check it out  it will be a monthly series so stay tuned for more! 


Worlds Away

Because when I speak you can not hear. I feel the words move from my mouth, my breath touching my lips, but your face does not change. Am I speaking? I still question. Am I making sense? All the thoughts that fill my mind that I want to get across and yet when I look at you I see nothing is getting through. When will I learn to speak your language. To rewrite the story so that you are not the villain and I am not the victim. But together we fly and soar, not needing words any more to understand one another. We are here together. Is that not enough? Or must I spell out my vision and the play by play of possibilities. But there’s no fun in that. I’d rather guess where your mind is at. And drift in and out of each other’s fantasies forever.

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For the Love of Men

By Rachel Monique Maskell

For the Love of Men

When I set out to do Jan Story Circle with the theme Beauty of Him, I had no idea so many more things would be put in motion with #timesup and the Golden Globes. I had no idea some women would be so visceral and angry. But it happened. And I learned. I was exposed to the depth of pain so great that even discussing what we like about men was seen as an attack to the solidarity of sisterhood.

So why would I do it? What was the point other than to stir up the pot?

To begin with, I have a husband who I love and admire. Things aren’t always rainbows and sunshine and that’s not his fault. Often it’s the challenges of having my shadow, my mirror, reflected back on me. And vice versa.

What I have learned in my 12 years of being with him is that if I want more love, appreciation, respect, recognition from him I have to positively reinforce those behaviors. I have to celebrate them and celebrate him. Like most people, and dogs, we respond better when praised for what we do well than being yelled at for all the shit we do that’s “wrong.”

In understanding this about my own relationship and extrapolating out I think we can all do better (men and women) to applaud and celebrate each other for all the amazing things we do so we will do more of them.

I certainly don’t condone the poor behavior and the patriarchal paradigm we’ve been held under for way too many centuries. But I also hear that men are lost. Some are afraid to speak to women now. They’re not sure what to say or how to engage. And yes, they’re afraid of the backlash.

“So what,” you may ask?

For all the male bashing and anger towards this sex I know equally, if not more, women are looking for a partner in their life that they can connect with. That will support them, love them, protect them...characteristics mostly attributed towards men. How are we going to get more of what we want if we keep focusing on what we hate?

If you’re reading this and are still fuming at my audacity to share the value of loving on the positive attributes of men, then consider the perspective of the masculine and feminine balance within us all.

We are each born of a mother and a father (egg and sperm). Although the woman carries much of the genetic code there is still input from the male. From a Jungian perspective they talk about the anima and the animus, the female and male archetypes respectively.

We each carry a component of the anima and animus. Women less of the animus than men but it is there. The animus is also considered the yang which is said to have characteristics of directness, movement, action, etc. I like to think of how the sperm moves to reach the egg - focused, swimming against the odds, but determined.

And we need this energy. We need this energy to create change. We need this energy to work in harmony with the Divine Feminine.

To me it is less about the people and more about the frequency. How are we choosing to show up day to day, moment to moment to embody our truth and engage in the energy that is needed, right now.

Full disclosure, celebrating men and the Divine Masculine is not the full solution to the problem. It’s a start. There are many things within the constructs and paradigms of our society that need to be broken down and recreated. Starting in the home. We have to rethink the individual family each fighting for the time and space to work and fulfill our dreams and passions as individuals. The system is broken.

But what if by taking a step to acknowledge what is ‘right’ what is ‘good’ we can take a step closer to solving the chasm between the sexes?

Women, there is much healing that still needs to be done. But expecting the men to take the lead on this we will lose out. It is time now to embrace our differences so we can learn to be equals.

To help me move through the BS in my own life I am taking a stand on what I love about men so I can invest in it. For myself, for my family, and for my future.

You can join me if you’re in LA or NYC at Feminine Weapon Day on Jan 30th. Or simply join the conversation here. Share your thoughts, your outrage, or your tools for making the shift happen.


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It’s Beyond Babies

By Rachel Maskell

It’s Beyond Babies
The more I read, the more I sit in circle with women, the more I realize that motherhood is beyond having babies. Motherhood is about creating, caring, nurturing… aspects of what I believe to be a natural state of woman.

By tuning in to the Great Cosmic Mother and being in communion with her we can learn what mamahood really means.

I recently had a chance to delve into this with Molly Ades and Laura Kyttanen of Lady Boss Mamas. We discuss motherhood, my latest failure and why I’m embracing it. Bonus: I spin the Wheel and they talk about whatever it lands on.

Tune in if your a mama or not. Then let me know what you think of mamahood and what it means to be a woman. Cant wait to hear!

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Telling HerStory on Females in Fine Fettle

By Rachel Maskell

Telling HerStory on Females in Fine Fettle

If you’ve heard me speak recently you likely have heard me on fire about our pre-HIS-story. I’ve recently finished a few books on this topic, one of which is The Great Cosmic Mother: rediscovering the religion of the earth. To say it was life changing is an understatement. 

It has helped me to heal on many levels and is fueling a lot of my work right now. So when Dr Michelle of Females in Fine Fettle invited me to speak on her podcast, I was amped. The timing of the show coincided with a recent Story Circle and the finishing of the Great Cosmic Mother. Essentially, I had A LOT to say. 

In listening back you can hear the passion and excitement in my voice. And I know that this is just the beginning.  I believe HerStory is fundamental to our health and well being and for forging a better future for humanity.

I know. It’s a big statement. But when every question of my life has been answered as a woman through this book, I can’t help but make big statements.

Onward we go!


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Learning to Communicate

By Rachel Maskell

Learning to Communicate

Communication is one of those skills that we’re never really taught. If we’re lucky enough we go on a journey when we’re older and discover what it means to really communicate. And if we’re even more fortunate if we have a partner in our life that help us on this journey.

In today’s Story of I talk about my journey with communication as it relates to my husband. There have been so many wonderful challenges that have lead to positive growth and change. It hasn’t always been easy but I’m grateful for the experience.  

Watch below for the full story. 


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