Telling HerStory on Females in Fine Fettle

By Rachel Maskell

Telling HerStory on Females in Fine Fettle

If you’ve heard me speak recently you likely have heard me on fire about our pre-HIS-story. I’ve recently finished a few books on this topic, one of which is The Great Cosmic Mother: rediscovering the religion of the earth. To say it was life changing is an understatement. 

It has helped me to heal on many levels and is fueling a lot of my work right now. So when Dr Michelle of Females in Fine Fettle invited me to speak on her podcast, I was amped. The timing of the show coincided with a recent Story Circle and the finishing of the Great Cosmic Mother. Essentially, I had A LOT to say. 

In listening back you can hear the passion and excitement in my voice. And I know that this is just the beginning.  I believe HerStory is fundamental to our health and well being and for forging a better future for humanity.

I know. It’s a big statement. But when every question of my life has been answered as a woman through this book, I can’t help but make big statements.

Onward we go!



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