The Story of Her: a chat with Lisa Knox on Eating Disorders

By Rachel Maskell

The Story of Her: a chat with Lisa Knox on Eating Disorders

It’s interesting to me to learn about other people’s stories, their journeys that get them where they are today. Lately the theme has been around food - the archetypes, my own challenges, and today a dear friend of mine has opened up to share her story - Lisa Knox.

Lisa shares how she used food as form of control and as a way of not listening to her body. We talk about tuning in to our intuition and why being a Healthy Deviant is one of the most important things we can do today.

I’m struck with how fluidly Lisa talks about her disorder and how adept she is at doing the self growth work. You can hear it in her language but also her willingness to look at her shadow side, recognize it, and make a plan on how to move through it. Skills.

Sharing this story now in hopes someone else relates. Perhaps they can find a nugget of wisdom or a new awareness that helps them along in their path. I’m trusting it will.



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  • Thank you ladies for this empowering and intimate talk! great Insights ;) Yay to taking your own path!

    Gena on

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