This is Me: I am a MotherLover

By Rachel Maskell

This is Me: I am a MotherLover

From the unknown to the known. From the I thought I knew to what the heck. And still we do it with love and sacrifice...mothers. They are incredible and the ultimate heroine. At least in my book.

It’s this journey into the unknown and the triggers from our own childhood that make motherhood so challenging. How do I get this beautiful and free willed child to listen to me and go to bed? And how do I do that without breaking her self confidence and independence? These are my mama woes.

So what I am doing about it? Besides reaching out to you for advice? I follow my practice which I share at the end of this video. I am feeling fierce in my dedication, now more than ever. Xo


  • Hey Rachey!
    Love your vulnerabiliTy. I have aLways use our Melatonin spray because it is such a low dose but works like magic. I check with a variety of doctors and they say it is ok bevause most people are dEfficient in Melatonin. She falls to sleep easily wakes up reSted.

    Now as her mind is expanding as a first grader, she needs more sAnctification. She went on for 45 min about her friends on the playground. I may be an over nurterer but we read and lay together each night until she falls asleep. Good luck!! xo

    LAra on

  • Hey mumboss, I remember too well what you are describing… It is a struggle between our kids expressing themselves and mums’ to express themselves and it has to do with boundaries. Of course, we love our kids, but we also have to be there for ourselves. So maybe the best thing is to put our children to bed and to let them find their own sleep – being clear that we are off limits after a certain time. We both need to find our centers. The day is over. you need to recup and she needs to find her oWN waY to sleep. I think it is the beginning of the differentiation process. Keep it as free from guilt as possible and you will both flourish as you are both finding your voice in the “couple” ; I did not realize this when I was going through what you are… but I do think it is a time of setting boundaries and of showing respect and giving her not only confidence but responsibility for finding her way to slumberland ;)

    Bright blessings!

    Gena on

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