Top #mumboss tip for staying sane and healthy with Ellen Vora MD

By Rachel Maskell

Top #mumboss tip for staying sane and healthy with Ellen Vora MD

It’s not just the juggle. It’s that I want to pour 100% of myself into any one of these things. - Ellen Vora MD

Yes mama! Isn’t that it? All the things that we have on our plates is one thing, but the desire to be perfect in each one is what’s crippling. At least for me.

I know that feeling too well and it is my constant practice to take a deep breath, accept, and know that’s it’s all good.

Dr Vora on the other hand gives a real practical tip on how she handles the challenges of a #mumboss life. Check out below.

There are so many ways that we can talk about self care. It doesn’t just have to be a massage or getting our hair did. It can be something so simple yet incredibly valuable...outsourcing.

What are the things you currently outsource? What tips do you have for staying sane and healthy? Anything you’d like to outsource that you don’t?

My favorite thing to the house! I am so grateful for my cleaning lady!


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