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Dressing RM is an online resale boutique with a curated selection of natural fibers, upcycled garments and unique accessories. One-of-a-kind gems for your wardrobe selected and discovered by Rachel Monique.  


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The Real RM

Who’s sleeping with who?

Hello Darling! How are you? Surviving this transitional time with the time change and full moon energy?  James has been away for a few weeks, mostly in India working on collaborations and potential health care changes. It’s exciting but not...

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Where freedom reigns

Hello Bella! Happy Spring! At least it is here in Sacramento. We had such a mild winter and now the trees are all in bloom and I’m watching the blossoms float in the light breeze. It’s beautiful! Speaking of beauty,...

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They’re sizing you up

Hello Bella! How are things? School is back in session so my world is speeding up again with homework, projects and ideas.  One recent project I’m working on for Dressing RM is a February campaign called, “How do you show...

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